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Elektro-Szolg. 98 Kft. (Electro-Services 98 LLC.) is a licensed and insured electrical contractor for the electric power (utility) provider/distribution and public lighting companies in Hungary. Since 1998, we primarily perform installation, replacement and maintenance of the distribution network (grid) in Pest County.

In an effort to make others benefit from our technology, skills and experience, Elektro-Szolg. 98 is proud to announce that it opened a foreign branch in Kurdistan Region-Iraq. The company has taken the strategic initiative to pursue Electricity and Engineering projects with the Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Electricity and Governorates,under the direction of the Kurdistan Contractors’ Union Erbil.

We are one of the biggest and most equipped electrical service contractors in Hungary, with a elektro-szolg-logo-01well-trained staff of electricians, engineers, technicians and administrative personnel to meet the demands. Our company’s headquarters is perfect for our needs - various vehicles, warehouse area and offices. We are certified with ISOs and all required certificates and permits mandated by the Hungarian Government, The European Union and our clients. We are capable of performing any job thanks our dependable partners and accessibility to resources within Hungary, Europe and beyond.




Elektro-Szolg. 98 (Electro-Services 98, LLC.) is a licensed and insured electrical contractor for the electric power (utility) provider and public lighting companies in Hungary. Since 1998, we primarily perform installation, replacement and maintenance of the distribution network (grid) in Pest County. We perform these core activities since the fall of communism and subsequent privatization of the utility sector in Hungary. Consequently, Elektro-Szolg. 98 has been an important participant in the rural electrification of Hungary, upgrade of Hungary’s dilapidated communist-era distribution grid and development for the emerging electricity demands of post-communist Hungary marked by integration with the EU. Thus, our continuous 16 years of experience makes us exceptionally competent in this sector.

Elektro-Szolg. 98 has been servicing Hungary’s largest networks in the most populated areas - the capital, Budapest. Elektro-Szolg. 98’s competitiveness firmly lies in its strong relationships with its team and partners, which helped foster a solid foundation of experience and knowledge in the sector. We are a well-equipped contractor, with an expert staff of engineers, electricians, technicians and administrative personnel to meet the demands of our clients and the requirements of the related governing entities. Moreover, our rich history has allowed us to be at the technological forefront and build an effective cooperation and integration throughout various stages in the electrical contracting business. Our know-how materialized into a solid and efficient structure, allowing for the completion of many job types, high job capacity and easy access to resources. Our company’s headquarters is perfect for our needs – location near main roads, various work vehicles, warehouse area and offices. We are certified with ISOs and all required certificates and permits mandated by the Hungarian and European Union authorities and our clients.



  • Elmű-ÉMÁSZ: Hungary Central-Eastern power utility company continuous public lighting & distribution network construction and maintenance operations
  • BDK Kft.: Budapest Public Lighting Authority – continuous public lighting network maintenance operations
  • Caterpillar Hungary, Gödöllő – construction of electrical supply
  • Budapest Sports Arena – construction of electrical supply
  • City of Budapest – public lighting project upgrade
  • ScoprioTrans Kft. – construction of electrical supply
  • KÁTA ÉPSZÖV Kft. - construction of electrical supply

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Elektro-Szolg. 98 service to its clients primarily comprises of design/planning, maintenance, repair, installation, re/construction, improvements and supplies procurement for the distribution network/ end-users. All the services are applicable to the High, Medium and Low voltage sections of the electric power distribution network. We perform services, on the network grid, during any phase of a capital investment/infrastructure project, and on any part, such as: overhead power lines, poles, ground level equipment, underground cables and at the end-user’s homes (consumer). These jobs are done in areas such as: electric substations, transformer unit stations, streets/sidewalks, public places, commercial, industrial, and residential areas, and underground.

An entire department is dedicated to the upgrade and simplification of the cables running from streets to the homes and businesses. Our unit repairs, rewires and reconnects the medium and low voltage lines servicing the public lighting network and the electric meters installed in businesses and homes. The power utility companies have gained great advantages in making the streets safe from dangerous wiring, open cabinets and easily accessed transformers. Also, organizing the electric meters allowed for the utility company to know how much electricity consumption and demand really exists. In addition, new technology and practices used by Elektro-Szolg. 98 facilitated the relocation (underground or enclosed areas) of crucial and expensive electric equipment away from public access or meteorological elements.

Above all, Elektro-Szolg. 98 is consistently able to provide top-level service and quality. We are categorized as a Level “A” contractor by the power utility companies and always qualify to tender in long-term service contracts; again, made easy by our resources and well-trained team. In addition, in its industry and sector, Elektro-Szolg. 98 is fully engaged in the procurement of electrical equipment and supplies. The supplies and materials are of top quality; used by electric service providers all over the world and meet all necessary standards.

Core activities deal with maintaining, repairing, or building:

    • Overhead power lines
    • Utility poles, towers
    • Overhead wires/cables
    • Substations – switches, porcelain conductors, capacitors, insulators, fuses, interrupters
    • Transformers
    • Underground cables
    • Electric cabinets – switches, relays, knobs, fuses, displays, panels
    • Electric Meter operations (at the end-user) - meter  readings, new and re-installation, repair of circuit breakers, fuses, boxes, wiring
    • Public lighting – lamp posts, lamps, housing units, underground wire, and light bulb replacement

Secondary activities are:

    • Preventive Protection – measuring and calibrating of electrical components against shock/resistance
    • ‘Inside’ buildings - electrical work and wiring/cabling
    • Integrated Building Systems – voice/data/video, security systems

We provide these services to:

    • Governmental/Private electric and public lighting utility companies – their distribution network
    • Cities and Municipalities – public areas
    • Residential neighborhoods, private communities and complexes
    • Large factories/industry or commercial centers
    • Sports complexes

Staff & Resources:

All our electricians / linemen have the required, valid yearly licenses and equipped with personal protection gear to perform work and installations in

hazardous areas, on energized (live) lines.

  • 10 apprentice electricians,
  • 15 journeymen,
  • 8 certified master electricians,
  • 5 technicians,
  • 3 electrical engineers, and their support staff.

Our vehicles and tools are yearly certified to operate even near energized lines.

5 cherry-picker trucks

30 electrician double insulated tool kits in totes/bags

2 tipper trucks

10 electrician cable tool kits

2 crane trucks, with trailer/pole trailer

5 Lockout/Tagout kits

4 work pickup trucks

5 DataComm installer tool kits

2 large work vans, mobile workshop

10 Ground, Insulation resistance testers

5 small vans

3 Circuit finder

10 support cars

5 Open/Closed Circuit tracers

5 Cable pullers

2 Power analyzers

3 Cable blowers

50 Meter readers

5 Cable guiders

Company contacts

Main Office

Elektro-Szolg. 98 Kft.

H-2144 Kerepes, Hungary

Szabadság út. 276

Tel/fax: (36) 28 / 743-076



Erbil Branch Office

Elektro-Szolg. 98

Kurdistan Region – Iraq

Erbil, Ainkawa – Pank Village No. 232

Tel: (+964) 751/011-4574




Elektro-Szolg.98’s is a privately owned company located in Kerepes, near Budapest, Hungary. The company does business in many sectors such as aviation, general trade, real estate and boating. The main primary business of the company remains electrical contracting for power distribution, since the owner has 40 year experience in this industry. Besides his profession, he has a love for airplanes. In 1986 this passion brought him to start taking flying lessons and obtain a private pilot’s license. Expanding from that, the company purchased small private airplanes and in collaboration with the local civil airfield, started an airplane club providing, flying lessons and beyond. Visit www.godolloairport.hu for more information.

About Us and our Services: 

As a result of Elektro-Szolg.98’s historical relationship with airplanes and the necessities brought upon by the local airfield and airplane club, the company has amassed a network of partners providing all the material and operational needs for pilots and aircrafts. We are now providing solutions to all our customers with a complete range of aviation related services on a global scale. Through the use of our facility or partner network we engage in the procurement, stocking, supplying and leasing of aircraft parts, spares, components, rotables and expendables.

The aviation division focuses on logistical services for the aviation industry, concentrating in the handling of aircraft parts, engine & ground equipment transportation, aircraft maintenance and repair support, overseas inbound aircraft and AOG support. We provide the management and logistics for the repair or overhaul of aircraft parts. We have customized solutions for everyone.


We have experience in private, commercial and corporate aviation, providing national and international services. Our logistical solutions adapt to the needs and requests of every customer. Our integral logistical support will allow customers to concentrate on flying and expanding their business in a short time with the lowest cost.

Parts and Tools

We specialize in aircraft components and tools for Embraer. We also offer components and tools for Fokker, Airbus, Boeing, Cessna, and Zlin. Our contacts with major airlines and suppliers will provide to you the best solution for your requirements with the lowest cost and shortest lead times.

Safety and Quality:

            We assure that all the parts you receive are accredited with the appropriate FAA 8130-3, EASA Form 1 or CoC from the Manufacturer. Additionally, our parts have documents for traceability from the previous operators. Tools always inspected and repairs are conducted only in certified repair station and components tested according EASA and FAA regulations.


            We ship worldwide and we take care of your import and export goods. We offer 24 hours tracking of your shipment, always keeping in contact with our customers.

Elektro-Szolg.98 - Aviation Division
Szabadság út 276., Kerepes, Hungary H-2144

T: +36-31-781-4221 

T: +36-28-784873

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